My name is Joshua Roberts and I am a MCS student, currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I've always had an interest in game development and have recently started developing this portfolio to showcase the progress I've made...

This was my first project in Unity and game development. I started this project during my second year of CS in order to learn more about random terrain generation and variability in terrain design. Using Perlin noise, I created a seeded terrain heightmap and procedurally generated trees.

As I invested more time into this project, I learned about chunk loading, post-processing, manipulating cameras in Unity, as well as many different common scripting methods and tricks.

2D Tilemap platformer

In order to expand my knowledge base, I attempted to create a 2D platformer demo. Using art assets online, I created the simple demo above.

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3D Platformer

Following the 2D platformer, I took on a more ambitious project, creating a movement based 3D First Person game. This project involved implementing wall jumping, sliding mechanics, and custom visual effects and assets.


My most recent completed venture was participating in the Game Jam, GMTK2020. Although the final product was not what I had planned, the jam was a great learning experience and taught me the value of planning and scope.